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Jags/Texans post game notes

Posted on: September 27, 2009 10:13 pm
Well, well.  The Jaguars performed very well today. Here are some things that I'm seeing from the team in the first 3 weeks:

1) The receivers can play!  They look extremely comfortable out there running routes and catching the ball.  Mike Sims-Walker looks like he's just having fun. He's got something to prove and he's confident in his skills.  Torry Holt is good, too!  I think defenses hate it when he catches the ball.  He has that swag about him.  That's what you need. You can't be scared, you gotta have that swag.  Ernest Wilfor caught a nice pass and almost scored a touchdown, but I'm looking forward to him and Zach Miller to become threats.  I'm looking forward to seeing them line up in single back big formations with playaction to open them up.

2) Mojo is a beast. Duh. However, I'm disappointed in the fact that he's pretty much the only running back on the team.  Rashad Jennings had like one handoff and Mojo had the rest.  Even on the sideline you can see it.  Where Coach P used to have a group of backs crowding him in conversation, he now only has Mojo.  I think we still have a chance to pound the rock at teams, but we need to give Rashad and Greg the ball more.  We're going to get Mojo hurt sooner or later.

3) We got a couple sacks!  I loved the aggressiveness of the defensive playcalling in this one.  It was like Captain Jack finally said "screw it, bring the heat!"  Finally we had clips of the defense knocking the opposing QB around.  The media is calling to attention the fact that the Jaguars have given up at least 70% completion rates in the first 3 games, but look at who they've faced.  The Colts, Cardinals, and Texans.  That's 3 of the best passing teams in the game.  I was a little disappointed in a couple of the calls though.  Namely, the one play where Houston lined up for an obvious run and we had a spread out, 3 down linemen set on the field.  Steve Slation busted the defense for like 15 yards.  You gotta call better than that.  I'm a fan of Gerald Alexander starting over Sean Considine.  He hits just as hard and he's more athletic IMO.

4) What a difference a week makes.  Last week, it looked like the Jaguars coaching staff had no clue how to gameplan for a football game.  This week the gameplan and adjustments looked genius.  My favorite adjustment was the little reverse action added to the run to freeze the defense.  This was the main reason Mojo got the big run.  The DB on the wide side was frozen looking for the reverse and the safety came down to play the inside look.  Bam...touchdown.

5) We got a tough one coming this week.  They need to bear down and focus on this one.  The Titans are winless and they're hungry.  You know they're bringing the wood next week.  The Jaguars will have to be up to the challenge.  After that, the outlook is bright.  Seattle's banged up and St. Louis does not look good.  Hopefully they can get these next 3 games.

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