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Jags/Texans post game notes

Well, well.  The Jaguars performed very well today. Here are some things that I'm seeing from the team in the first 3 weeks:

1) The receivers can play!  They look extremely comfortable out there running routes and catching the ball.  Mike Sims-Walker looks like he's just having fun. He's got something to prove and he's confident in his skills.  Torry Holt is good, too!  I think defenses hate it when he catches the ball.  He has that swag about him.  That's what you need. You can't be scared, you gotta have that swag.  Ernest Wilfor caught a nice pass and almost scored a touchdown, but I'm looking forward to him and Zach Miller to become threats.  I'm looking forward to seeing them line up in single back big formations with playaction to open them up.

2) Mojo is a beast. Duh. However, I'm disappointed in the fact that he's pretty much the only running back on the team.  Rashad Jennings had like one handoff and Mojo had the rest.  Even on the sideline you can see it.  Where Coach P used to have a group of backs crowding him in conversation, he now only has Mojo.  I think we still have a chance to pound the rock at teams, but we need to give Rashad and Greg the ball more.  We're going to get Mojo hurt sooner or later.

3) We got a couple sacks!  I loved the aggressiveness of the defensive playcalling in this one.  It was like Captain Jack finally said "screw it, bring the heat!"  Finally we had clips of the defense knocking the opposing QB around.  The media is calling to attention the fact that the Jaguars have given up at least 70% completion rates in the first 3 games, but look at who they've faced.  The Colts, Cardinals, and Texans.  That's 3 of the best passing teams in the game.  I was a little disappointed in a couple of the calls though.  Namely, the one play where Houston lined up for an obvious run and we had a spread out, 3 down linemen set on the field.  Steve Slation busted the defense for like 15 yards.  You gotta call better than that.  I'm a fan of Gerald Alexander starting over Sean Considine.  He hits just as hard and he's more athletic IMO.

4) What a difference a week makes.  Last week, it looked like the Jaguars coaching staff had no clue how to gameplan for a football game.  This week the gameplan and adjustments looked genius.  My favorite adjustment was the little reverse action added to the run to freeze the defense.  This was the main reason Mojo got the big run.  The DB on the wide side was frozen looking for the reverse and the safety came down to play the inside look.  Bam...touchdown.

5) We got a tough one coming this week.  They need to bear down and focus on this one.  The Titans are winless and they're hungry.  You know they're bringing the wood next week.  The Jaguars will have to be up to the challenge.  After that, the outlook is bright.  Seattle's banged up and St. Louis does not look good.  Hopefully they can get these next 3 games.

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Jags/Eagles preseason game 3 pregame notes

Pay attention to the electricity in the air when Vick gets on the field.  Like him or not, Vick is worth a lot of revenue, even for a preseason game.  This could have been valuable for the Jaguars.  There are some people that say he should never be allowed football again, but I say winning heals all, and if he performs well against the Jaguars (which he probably will), the number of haters will drastically reduce.

They say the third preseason game is the closest indication of what you're gonna get in the season.  With that said a couple of the names not suiting up are Mike Walker and Mike Thomas.

If it were up to me, I would go ahead and let Mike Thomas go.  I'd do this so he has absolutely no shot at making this roster.  David Garrard said it best when he said "You gotta be on the field to make the team".  I hate it that we let players who seem like they can't find the football field stick around and soak up valuable roster spots.  Mike Walker should be cut, too, IMO. Before the preseason we heard all about how this is finally Mike Walker's year and that he's finally ready to play football.  Then he got another ankle injury which wasn't supposed to be serious.  Somehow, however, he still isn't back on the field.  I don't care what kind of college highlight reel this dude put together, he isn't worth years and years of valuable roster spot space if he can't get on the field.  We need football players, not just names and numbers.

This will be the game that sells the Jaguars for me.  Currently, I think they can go 8-8.  A couple weeks ago, I said the offensive line needed some time to come back together.  I think this is it for them.  Either they got it or they don't.  IMO, the lineup should be (from LT to RT):Eugene Monroe; Vince ManuwaiBrad Meester;Mo Williams;Tra Thomas.  However, I think Tra will play LT and "I'm just here for the paycheck" Pashos will play RT.

It's the same with the defense, too.  They've had one week of 34 and one week of 43.  It's time to really see what the defense is about.  No excuses.  Either they will perform or they will fail.  No "well this is the preseason give us time".  They've had plenty of time since Mel got here to learn and practice how to play whatever defense they wanna play.  

Finally....are you ready for some football?
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Preason Week 2 Notes

Well it's still the preseason, so you never know.  Maybe we look like a mess on purpose. The one thing I can say for sure is after the starting LB corps, we have no hitters on defense.  The entire team was afraid to tackle BJ Askew. If it wasn't an obvious running situation, he was running wild.  The only reason he got stopped on running downs was because he had to run through the line.  

DLine - Rob Meier is Rob Meier. A backup with "from time to time" talent. I saw a couple good pushes from him(I believe it was him, it was blurry). Other than that, the middle of the line got blasted.  I'm really not seeing anything to be hyped about from these other DT's we picked up.  What the heck were the ends doing? It looked like every snap they would line up and just sprint like 10 yards up field.  I agree they should keep the play contained and funnel the runner inside and all that, but on passing downs it didn't look like they were trying to get to the QB.  It looked more like they were just trying to get the tackle to chase them downfield.  I like Derek Landri.  Derrick Harvey will be fine.  I'm worried about Q, though.  I know he's trying his butt off, but we're going to have to take the business approach to this.  Have we given up on the 34 already?  I thought for sure we would see some today.  Are they still going to sprinkle it in?

Coverage - So so.  I liked them early when they were keeping everything in front of them.  It looked like they were playing the 07 cover 2.  When Luke McCown came in, they looked like the 08 Sandalwood Saints.  Where is Derek Cox? Dude needs to get on the field so he can know what's going on.  Week 1 against the Colts is not the time to be making your initial appearance.  Sean Considine needs to man the eff up.  I like his attitude, but there were some opportunities for him to knock the ball carrier on his butt and he whiffed. You could tell he had that missile lock on the runner's ankles and that was it. I think Gerald Alexander should start Thursday at either safety position so we can get a good look at him. I think Reggie Nelson is fine in the Cover 2, but we need at least one hitter back there.  I like the fact that we weren't sending 11 people plus random fans at critical times in the game.  Third and long should be simple.

OLine - I think the offensive line did fine handling the game plan.  We weren't going to run over Tampa Bay with straight up running formations.  The running game actually looked pretty dern good from the spread formations.  We're still not that deep on the line.  Our backups got pwned by Tampa's backups.  It amazes me that we got that last touchdown.  I just think they need a couple more weeks together and they'll be fine.  I'm not that worried about them.  

Receivers - What a delight.  I'm liking what we have here. I don't know if that's the way Tampa's gonna play all season, but they looked like they weren't gonna try to crowd the box on the running game.  That was partly dictated by the formation by the Jaguars and partly because the receivers were actually catching the football.  I'm not worried at all about Torry Holt.  The rookies just need to relax and play football, especially Jarett Dilard. I know this sounds funny, but I don't think they need to prove anything.  They need to just go out there and play the game they've been playing their whole lives.  The TE's have taken a step back in my opinion.  Greg Estandia is playing horrible football this preseason.  We used to have one of the best TE groups in the league, now they suck.

QB's - I'm not worried about our QB situation.  Not even worried about Todd Bouman.  He's not Tom Brady, but so what?  He's doing fine. I think we'll be better off carrying two so we can have the extra spot open for a receiver.

RB's - I like Mojo, Greg JonesAlvin PearmanMontell Owens and Rashad Jennings.  Anybody after that I could really care less about.  I think between Mojo, Greg, and Alvin we can be pretty tough in the backfield.  I haven't seen Rashad do anything yet.  I've seen him flash some moves, but nothing like his youtube video.

Overall - They look like they're a team feeling the pressure.  They're playing like they have everything to lose. That's sad.  Clear minds, fast legs.  They look like they're thinking about everything but football.  It's ironic because Mean Gene said he wanted players that were focused only on football.  They need to just chill out, relax, and play some ball. I'm hereby starting up the "Fire Russ Purnell" fan group.
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AFC South predictions 2009

Titans - 13-3 - There's really no one standing in their way.  They bring THE best running duo in the league. They have a QB that can actually throw.  And the defensive is still beastly without Fat Al.  Nobody's better than Fat Al on the line. But they just picked Sen'Derrick Marks who isn't horrible.  That's an upgrade over what they had as backup last year.  Plus they just picked up Kenny Britt who's no slouch and doesn't really have to work that hard now that he plays for the Titans.  And if they do this deal with Drew Bennett, they're going to the Super Bowl.  Write it down.
Texans - 11-5 - A young team on the come up.  Last year they went 8-8 with the 22nd ranked defense in the league.  Now they add Brian Cushing and Connor Barwin to an already young and talented defense.  If Dunta Robinson can get to camp, they would be that much better off.  The rest of the secondary I'm not too sure about.  However, consider the fact they lost to Jacksonville by 3, Indy by 4, and Minny by 7. That's three games in which Brian Cushing and Connor Barwin could have easily made a difference.  Also, they add Antoine Caldwell who's gonna help Steve Slaton out immensely.  The Texans are gonna be better than people think.
Colts - 10-6 - Beginning with the glaring whole at DT, they just drafted Fili Moala.  They also drafted Terrance Taylorwho's just as big, but probably not as talented as Fili.  At least they got one of them right.  Austin Collie, IMO was the best receiver in college football last season and is going to easily fill in for Anthony Gonzalez. What worries me is the inexperience between Anothony and Austin, though.  I don't doubt that Peyton will have these boys studying like they've never studied before.  Donald Brown gives them a bruiser with a little speed for spelling Joseph Adai.  I don't think the head coaching change is gonna be a problem because really Peyton is pretty much the coach. Where I think they go wrong, though, is when they go up against some of these tough, physical teams.  I think the Titans can get em twice.  And I think the Jaguars and Texans will split with them  I think B-More is gonna get em. And I don't think that New England game is gonna be close.
All 3 of the above teams make the playoffs.
Jaguars - 8-8 -Ok, so we're reloaded on the offensive line.  We're good there.  We're going back to running the football.  What I would like to see here is Rashad Jennings be MoJo's backup and Greg Jones just play fullback.  This trio is beast if they can get some blocking. I like Torry Holt on the outside to help keep the box numbers down a little bit.  However, on the other side, I'm not sold on ANYONE.  I don't think Mike Walker has it in him all season.  And I really don't wanna rely on rookies.  They looked good in college, but let's see em in real time. Tiquan Underwood's not gonna make the team and neither is Zach Miller.  That will probably leave Torry Holt, Mike Walker, Mike ThomasJarett Dillard, and Dennis Northcutt on the roster.  That ain't good. Our biggest receiver's gonna be 6'2 210.  I think we're gonna struggle a little bit getting posession catches and converting 3rd downs again. On defense, I think we're still a little bit of a mess. Derrick HarveyQuentin Groves, and Terrance Knighton are going to make us or break us.  If they play to full potential, the defense won't be as bad as last year.  If they fail, the defense is gonna be epic fail. I hopeDerek Cox starts from day 1. If the Jaguars are gonna play cover 2, they might as well let him start.  Derek is pretty much a shut down corner in cover 2. I think the Jaguars need to do themselves a favor and put out the secondary lineup right now.  That way the defense gets used to working in their normal spots.  That will help with the obvious lack of chemistry and communication. I think we split with Indy, and Houston.  We drop both to Tennessee. The Patriotsgame is gonna be a blowout. Arizona could potentially own us. Miami could deal with us.  And just because we'll already be out of the playoffs, Cleveland will beat us. Bye Bye Captain Jack.  I hope I'm wrong on this one, but I don't think I am.
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Angry Fan Vent Time

Wow.  Just wow.  A good team would have found a way to win that one.  Let's start from the top.

In general, the Jaguars are way to vanilla.  Is it me or are we in base defense 95% of the time?  It's like the defense is just sitting back in base defense waiting for things to happen and reacting to it. They're not pressing the issue.  They're not forcing things to happen.  We haven't gotten any pressure on QB's what so ever this season.  And it's not on Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves.  It's the whole DE group.  There's 5 people on the offensive line and 4 on the defensive line.  You know John Henderson is getting doubled.  That leaves one one one for everybody else.  We just don't have the talent to beat the one one ones.  My fix:  buy some talent.  Do whatever you need to do to get Julius Peppers in the off season.  And it might even take more than that.  Reggie Hayward is gonna have to get dealt. 

The offense is too vanilla.  Why is it the only time we actually use our roster to spread teams out is when we need a fourth quarter, game winning drive?  Where has that formation been the whole season?  Also, how many times do you have to run into a brick wall before you figure out you can't move it.  There are other gaps you can run in besides the A gap that Shaun Rogers is standing in.  I know it was  Brad Meester's first game back, but he was getting blown up by Shaun.  Also, there are other ways to run the football.  Screen the defense to death to slow the down.  Draw them to death to slow them down, then run the football.  Anybody knows that.  Anybody except Dirk, that is.  My fix:  fire Dirk Koetter and find a real offensive coordinator.  This ain't the college game.  Curl/Flat combos don't work 100% of the time in the pros.  My other fix:  the receiving corps needs an overhual.  It needs a clean out.  We need to get rid of each and every useless body in that group and replace them with receivers that scare somebody.  We should have dropped Jerry Porter as soon as we knew he had a hammy injury, that way he couldn't make the final roster.  Now he's a useless body taking up a roster spot.  No hard feelings,but you gotta know you can't come back from a hammy surgery in one season.  I'm also very disappointed we didn't go after Roy Williams when we had the chance.  Forget the price tag.  Roy has a touchdown, Jerry has a catch.  Come on!

David Garrard is single handedly saving the Jaguars' butts.  He's single handedly keeping the Jaguars in football games.  Without him we could be 2-5 or possibly even winless this season.  We don't have a running game, we barely have a passing game.  We don't have a defense.  David is our best offensive weapon.  Even more so lately, because he's not turning the ball over.

Marcedes Lewis is over rated.  This dude just refuses to catch.  My fix:  draft Chase Coffman.  He's a big target at 6-6 245.  And he can straight up ball.  He's already got 63 catches and 5 touchdowns this season for the Missouri Tigers.

What the heck are we doing in warmups?  I don't know if anybody else noticed, but Chris Naeole was hurt in warmups today and had a club on his right hand.  What the heck are they doing for warmups, fist fights?

Buckle your seat belts.  It's about to be a long ride.  The problems we have are not quick fixes.  Two coordinators needs to be replaced.  Personnel have to be brought in to make the new systems work.  We'll have to weather the "for sale" storm. 
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